Umicore infringing BASF patents

Umicore has infringed upon BASF’s and Argonne National Laboratory Patents. A complete ban on the import of Umicore’s infringing nickel-manganese-cobalt battery cathode materials to the United States. Click here to know more

Nokia Hits Apple With Patent Suits

It includes 32 Patents in the lawsuit, which cover a range of technologies including display, user interface (UI), software, antenna, chipsets and video coding. Apple has been at the center of several patent infringement lawsuits over the years. Click here to know more

Multi-Billion Dollar Patent expires in 2017

Amazon was granted a Patent for 1-Click in 1999. The only other retailer allowed to use 1-Click system is Apple Inc.This technology expires in 2017, and it’s likely we’ll see a lot of online stores adopting similar. Click here to know more

Importance of grace period in patenting scenario

An invention becomes a prior art if disclosed before filing at the patent office. However, the patent laws of some countries provide relief by way of grace period. This post points out a case where Apple’s patent got invalidated by its own public disclosure.

Novartis AG’s patent case: The Judgement of Supreme court of India

The Indian supreme court recently rejected the Novartis patent application for newer form of Glivec/Gleevec (Imatinib Mesylate in beta crystalline form) filed at the Chennai Patent Office based on Section 3 (d) of ‘The Patents Act, 1970. Accordingly, the Glivec case illustrates patent laws and its interpretation can differ from one country to another. Read this article to know more.