Patent Newz Box – June 28,2017

Global Statistics Report On Patent   Recently, Amazon gets patent for blocking online shopping inside a store ubergizmo | June 16, 2017 Amazon became online store major by several innovative steps to entice the customers. It’s latest patented innovation prevents the visitors of the Amazon physical stores mobile window shop for price comparison using the…

Join us in Celebrating “World IP Day – April 26th 2017”

Heightening awareness and kindling interest in IPR domain (Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks & Design) would encourage innovation and the spirit to find solutions to technical problems. World Intellectual Property Organization observes 26th April as World Intellectual Property day. This year’s WIP day theme is “Innovation—Improving Lives”.

How Innovative Are States In United States?

United States has been in the forefront of innovations for the past few decades. Within United States some states are very innovative compared to other states. This post attempts to find how innovative are each state in US vis-a-vis rest of the countries in the world.

Seoul feared to face Patent Tax from US firms

The Seoul Administrative Court ordered the National Tax Service to return US$1.84 million in taxes on patent royalties. The report says, the South Korean payments of Patent royalties came to about 23.5 Trillion. Click here to know more

Jawbone Says Fitbit Drops Patent Challenge

Fitbit has dropped its patent case against fitness tracker competitor Jawbone, but Jawbone will still pursue a trade secret case against Fitbit, the company said on Saturday. Click here to know more

Qualcomm, most Fined Company in Smartphone Business

South Korea Fines Qualcomm $854M for Antitrust Violation. Along with the $854 million fine, the KFTC is also ordering Qualcomm to change their business practices to put an end to their illegal behavior. Click here to know more

Gionee licenses Qualcomm patents

Qualcomm has entered into a new 3G and 4G Chinese patent license agreement. The royalties to be paid are based on Qualcomm’s settlement with China’s National Development and Reform Commission. Click here to know more

BioPorto’s strengthened Patent Portfolio

A licensing agreement that covers a wide range of NGAL Patents and applications is being signed by BioPorto. This is said to strengthen the existing Patent portfolio of NGAL. Click here to know more