Patent Newz Box

KIPRIS expands its online database of Patents

Korea Intellectual Property expands their online database by adding patents and trademarks from eight more countries. It is said to be more useful as startups will get more benefit out of it.Click here to know more

Cytori strengthens Global IP Portfolio

Cytori Therapeutics announced the issuance of a number of key patents that strengthen its IP in the U.S. and Europe. It has over 90 global patents issued and another 55 Patent applications pending around the globe.Click here to know more

Open Access Policy by WIPO

To promote the widest possible public access to its publications, WIPO adopts open accesss policy, furthering the Organization’s commitment to the dissemination and sharing of knowledge.Click here to know more

Patent Licensing dispute – Dolby sued Oppo and Vivo

Both Vivo and OPPO have reportedly agreed to negotiate Fair, Reasonable and Non-discriminatory terms with Dolby. The two companies have been directed by the Delhi High Court to deposit royalty on per unit manufactured, sold and imported.Click here to know more

IP Canada Report 2016

First Intellectual Property report has been published by Canadian Intellectual Property Office. It clearly states the achievement of Canadians in global marketplace.Click here to know more

NFC Patents License to Taiwanese Giant HTC

A French technology firm’s worldwide patent license under a NFC Patent Licensing Program for use in HTC’s products. It gives NFC-enabled device manufacturers access to the patents of INSIDE Secure.Click here to know more