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No Patent for researchers’ findings

McGill neurology has announced that they are going to end the practise of Patenting the University’s findings. Instead everything will be openly accessed which is usable by anyone. Click here to know more

WiLAN subsidiary acquires Patents

WiLAN’s subsidiary Auriga Innovations, acquired a portfolio of patents from GlobalFoundries. The portfolio covers semiconductor process technologies used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices. Click here to know more

President of the EPO’s Boards of Appeal

Mr Carl Josefsson has been appointed as the President of European Patent Office Board of Appeal. He currently serves as Senior Judge of Appeal at the Svea Court of Appeal in Stockholm. Click here to know more

Patent License obtained by Chinese LED makers

License of KSF red phosphor Patent has been obtained by Chinese LED makers. This KSF red Phosphor is mostly used in LED devices type of devices such as LED lighting devices, LED displays and so on. Click here to know more

Ford’s record in Patent Filing

A total of more than 3,200 patents has be granted worldwide for 2016. One of the patents is an autonomous vehicle drone to increase safety. It has submitted more patent applications in 2016 than any other year in their 113-year history. Click here to know more

Taiwan ranks first in Patents

A map is generated by data journalist David McCandless using some sources. It is said that Taiwan leads the world in patents, while China is the “best at jailed journalists”. Click here to know more

$456,000 for enhanced damages in patent case

LG not only infringed patents belonging to Core Wireless Licensing, it also had detailed knowledge of the patents “long before” Core filed the suit and it ended licensing negotiations with Core by stating a lawsuit was preferable. Click here to know more

WiLAN buys Kodak patents

Licensing group WiLAN announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Commercial Copy Innovations has acquired a portfolio of patents from Eastman Kodak Company for an undisclosed amount. Click here to know more

Supreme Court Picks Samsung Over Apple in $399M Case

Apple tried to hold onto the full $548 million in damages it recouped from Samsung in a lawsuit over smartphone design patents, but it looks like it may now have to settle for much less, based on a Tuesday Supreme Court decision. Click here to know more

Agreement between European Patent Office and Monaco

EPO, in order to carry out searches for national patent applications on behalf of the Monegasque patent office have signed an agreement with Principality of Monaco. It will take effect on 1 April 2017. Click here to know more