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$456,000 for enhanced damages in patent case

LG not only infringed patents belonging to Core Wireless Licensing, it also had detailed knowledge of the patents “long before” Core filed the suit and it ended licensing negotiations with Core by stating a lawsuit was preferable. Click here to know more

WiLAN buys Kodak patents

Licensing group WiLAN announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Commercial Copy Innovations has acquired a portfolio of patents from Eastman Kodak Company for an undisclosed amount. Click here to know more

Supreme Court Picks Samsung Over Apple in $399M Case

Apple tried to hold onto the full $548 million in damages it recouped from Samsung in a lawsuit over smartphone design patents, but it looks like it may now have to settle for much less, based on a Tuesday Supreme Court decision. Click here to know more

Agreement between European Patent Office and Monaco

EPO, in order to carry out searches for national patent applications on behalf of the Monegasque patent office have signed an agreement with Principality of Monaco. It will take effect on 1 April 2017. Click here to know more

U.S. Navy sued for Patent Infringement

US Navy stole littoral ship design, claims British ship designer. The design patents expired in 2010, but Giles’ company, which is now bankrupt, filed suit against the Navy in 2012 after years of seeking compensation.Click here to know more

KIPRIS expands its online database of Patents

Korea Intellectual Property expands their online database by adding patents and trademarks from eight more countries. It is said to be more useful as startups will get more benefit out of it.Click here to know more

Cytori strengthens Global IP Portfolio

Cytori Therapeutics announced the issuance of a number of key patents that strengthen its IP in the U.S. and Europe. It has over 90 global patents issued and another 55 Patent applications pending around the globe.Click here to know more