At DexPatent, our teams of patent scientists are committed to delivering exceptional IP services to our worldwide customers, across all facets of Intellectual property services — including IP Strategy & Management, IP Monetization, IP Creation and IP Search & Analytics. Our multidisciplinary team is composed of patent agents, scientists and engineers with highly specialized backgrounds. Each team member understands that their contributions have a direct impact on the overall benefits of the customers and hence success of the company.

Our team comprises of the best experienced scientists and engineers with doctorates & master’s degree from top institutions across the world and they hold either a PhD or M Phil or Post Graduate or Engineering degree in respective technology area.

When it comes to technology expertise, our team has acquired considerable expertise in a variety of technology domains. This is why we do not limit ourselves while taking up new challenges. Each and every day, we strive to acquire new knowledge in technology & IP related things so that you have been delighted with our service quality when the project specifically involves advanced technologies. We have dedicated teams of Patent Scientists and Patent Agents in each technology area.

Team Life - Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Biomedical
Team Electron – Electronics, Electrical and Communication
Team Soft – Software and Business Methods
Team Gear - Mechanical and Renewable energy

In present times, most of the inventions involve cross technology domains. We are always ready to face these cross domain challenges as we have enough technology experts in each and every technology area. We never compromise on quality of research and accuracy of data.

Since prior art searches are important for every invention as well as for patenting, we have dedicated team of patent scientists and engineers to perform prior art searches whose analysis is meticulous and precise. The team possesses extensive experience in performing patent searches and delivering insightful results in their technology domains. Our search experts have access to industry’s leading patent and prior art databases including Thomson Innovation, PatBase and Orbit.

Our team, also includes registered patent agents of India, understands the nook and corner of patent specification drafting and patent prosecution in India. This understanding of the Indian patent system enables us to provide a hassle free experience to our customers seeking patent filing in India.