White Space Analysis

"White space is where unmet and unarticulated needs are uncovered to create innovation opportunities"



White space analysis is a process and tool that allows us to look at the landscape up and down the value chain with a new lens. It can help uncover opportunities that are not obvious, it can identify new openings untouched by competitors, or it can be considered part of what was traditionally deemed a remote, different industry or outside the boundaries of the firm. Some white spaces might have a little patenting activity and some might not even had any patenting activity at all. Our services will provide you viable solutions for all your innovation roadmap decisions.


In-depth patent mining combined with statistical analysis will help you identify this technology Gap/opportunity or White Space in a Particular technology area. DexPatent's white-space report of technology enables our clients to identify the future potential research areas. Our Clients will get charts showing technology growth and white-gap area where further R&D can be done to gain a competitive edge and to carry out incremental innovation for new product development. We help clients by our White Space Analysis Report to take well informed investment decisions when looking for growth in existing technologies.


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Case study - White-Space / Technology Gap Analysis

Project Need

To focus and induce its R&D effects towards polymer nanocomposites technology, this fortune 500 company approached DexPatent to identify the white space available for patenting in this particular polymer nanocomposite technology.

Solution & Deliverables

DexPatent team collected around 400 patents of this particular polymer nanocomposite technology. DexPatent delivered the report within stipulated time with special emphasis on number of patents per specific sub technologies. A summary about the white space availability i.e. the opportunity of further R&D and patenting, to maintain an edge over the competitors


Fortune 500 Company, Saudi Arabia


Industrial Polymer Nanocomposites

Use Case

White-Space / Technology Gap Analysis / Patent Landscaping


This white space analysis report helped the client to take well informed investment decisions for growth in existing technologies. The client was very happy and admired our for the report that provided special highlight on jurisdictions wise white space.