Technology Landscaping and Patent Mapping

"Our Patent landscaping reports describe the perceptual structure of patenting and innovation activity in a specific technology area"


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As a part of Patent Landscaping & Analytics we do in-depth analysis of both patent and non-patent references. The Patent Landscape exercise is a deeper analysis of patent and non-patent references after completion of the state of the art search for a particular filed.

At DexPatent, a Patent Landscaping exercise results in the categorization of patents into fundamental discoveries versus incremental improvements, a visual display of patenting over time periods and the history of development of a technology.

Our report discloses variety of information including competitors, active key players, patenting trends and possible future developments relating to a specific technology. Our reports includes easy-to-digest diagrammatic representations of both past and current patenting activities of various big, medium and small players in the wide–spectrum of any given technology area.


DexPatent Landscape analysis reports include graphical representations / mapping of data which enable you to easily understand the entire technology landscape.

DexPatent Landscape supports you to analyze further, plan and adapt your research activities considering the overall landscape.

Key business benefits of our Analytics and Landscape reports are:

  • Aids in Strategic research planning & Business planning
  • Supports you in operational planning of specific research activities
  • Helps in understanding the competitive landscape and key players involved
  • Can be used to understand the patent information from an overall perspective
  • Understand the landscape before launching a product / specific technology in a market
  • Determine whether to enter a specific research area
  • Stay ahead of others with in-depth understanding of a specific technology

Our technology landscape and patent mapping services identifies potential competitors, potential inventors, and potential gaps in R&D and market opportunities with respect to the particular technological area or industry. It also identifies the patents which are important and patents which not in force but related to your area of interest.

The analysis and the reporting format can be custom-made based on your specific business requirements.


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Case study - Patent Landscaping Analysis

Client’s Need

To get a snap-shot of the global patenting situation of a specific medical technology, This Leading US based global giant approached DexPatent to do exhaustive Patent Landscaping study on a specific medical technology.

Delivery & Service

Team at DexPatent conducted exhaustive search, reviewed thousands of Patents, and delivered the report with around 3500 relevant Patents and their corresponding statistical analysis. The report included top companies’ patenting trends in different sub technology areas with competitive intelligence and insights that can be leveraged to take strategic decisions including opportunities of innovation or licensing partnerships and acquisitions


A fortune 500 company with offices in Texas, US and Bangalore, India


Electronics and Medical Device

Use Case

Technology Landscaping and Patent Mapping


With industry critical competitive business intelligence in easy to digest format, client appreciated DexPatent for a very insightful analytics that was provided in record time so that they could take key decisions quickly.