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"Though Universities and academia are the breeding ground for innovations, most of them are still behind in patenting their inventions and monetizing their patents"

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Even though the patenting activities in Academia is very minimal, there has been increased focus on patenting academic inventions and licensing them to technology companies which in return fetches revenue for the academia. While universities and colleges are working to find solutions to problems as they arise, it would only be righteous if all of their inventions are patented and monetized. It’s well understood that patenting for academia has to be done at a budget rate and we at DexPatent clearly understand that and we help you secure your patents at a cost effective way. Patent Scientists at DexPatent help technology transfer departments of the academia in patenting and as well as monetizing them. Mapping of patents from academia to technology companies most importantly the right technology and licensing remains a myth but with DexPatent the mapping becomes swift.

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Case study - Monetizing Patents of Technology Transfer Departments

Project Need

Technology Transfer Office [TTO] which is responsible for protecting and commercializing IP developed at the university. To bridge the gap between invention and commercialization this top US university TTO takes expert support of DexPatent to get maximum commercial benefits from its patent portfolio.

Solution & Deliverables

DexPatent Team, with a decade of experience in patent analytics and deep technology expertise, analyzed the complete portfolio and found out the possible monetization opportunities. The active patents are analyzed in silo and/or they are grouped together to form a technology solution that can be monetized. The study provided actionable intelligence on ready to make businessdecisions.


Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of a top university in MA, USA


Various Technologies

Use Case

Patent Monetization / Patent Licensing Support


The technology transfer office of this Massachusetts university was thrilled to receive meticulous analytics information about the potential companies who can be interested in the patents that they are considering monetizing. DexPatent's analytics report empowered the TTO with information for discussion and negotiation with the interesting companies. This was all done in just a month’s time, saving the client a considerableeffort, resourceand time.

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IP strategy and management

IP Strategy & Management Services

Intellectual property has become increasingly strategic. The importance of these 'assets of the mind' are going uphill and raises questions on how to best employ them to achieve the objectives of the companies that create and control them. Therefore it is important to formulate strategies that maximize the value of your company’s intellectual property assets. IP assets will yield good return on investment only if it is strategically managed and utilized. DexPatent understands these needs through experience of handling hundreds of project.

Some particular strategic intelligence and management services we offer are:

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IP Monetization

IP Monetization

For effective monetization of IP assets, it is necessary to identify all the possible revenue generating opportunities. For monetizing IP assets, the strategy is due diligence on the company’s own portfolio and that of its competitors. All of these can be lumped into what is often referred to as Competitive Intelligence. So Competitive intelligence can be cross used to monetize value for IP assets. DexPatent offers the following comprehensive IP Monetization analysis services which enable the clients to make informed decisions about monetization of their IP assets. We'll advise you on how to use your IP to create maximum revenue by analyzing what your IP is worth in the market place.

Some particular IP Monetization services we offer are:

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IP Creation

IP Creation

Since Intellectual property is an intangible legal asset. Creating the legal IP assets involves crossing so many legal gateways and it is mandatory to prepare proper legal documents including patent drafts, prosecution documents in a legally sound format to protect them.

DexPatent understands the importance of IP creation process which is tedious and time consuming. It is our practice to make the process as simple as possible for our clients.

Some of our Particular IP Creation services include:

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IP Search and Analytics

IP Search and Analytics

For a successful patent prosecution, a thorough patent search and a detailed analysis of relevant prior art is essential. Identification of the closest prior art to the given invention requires perfect strategy framing across databases and in-depth analysis of technical aspects of the prior art.

When you entrust patent searches to DexPatent, you can be rest assured about the quality and timeliness of the results. DexPatent is an extended arm of your organization for assistance with patent searches of any type.

Some of our Particular IP Search services include:

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