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For a successful patent prosecution, a thorough patent search and a detailed analysis of relevant prior art is essential. Identification of the closest prior art to the given invention requires perfect strategy framing across databases and in-depth analysis of technical aspects of the prior art.

When you entrust patent searches to DexPatent, you can be rest assured about the quality and timeliness of the results. DexPatent is an extended arm of your organization for assistance with patent searches of any type.


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Get to know our Particular IP Search and Analytics services as follows:

Rapid Novelty Searches / Knock out Searches

Before drafting a patent application, a Rapid Novelty Search is important to be performed. A Rapid novelty search is performed in both Patent and Non-patent databases, within a short duration time, to identify prior art which kills the novelty aspect of the target invention concerned. Patent Scientists of DexPatent, have exhaustive experience in performing Rapid Novelty searches by identifying prior art references which target the novelty aspect of the invention.  Get in touch  Download a case study

Patentability / Novelty Searches

Patentability search is a vital step to decide, whether to take an invention towards patenting or not. An exhaustive patentability search will result in providing the closest prior art which targets the novelty aspect of the invention and also helps in drafting claims around the closest prior art so that the novelty of the invention will be clearly understandable by the examining authority. The search covers patent and non-patent references searched globally.  Get in touch  Download a case study

Invalidity / Validity searches

Invalidity or validity searches are comprehensive searches which are performed mostly during a patent infringement law suit, to prove a granted patent invalid and also these searches are performed during licensing to assert the claims of the target patent is valid or not . This invalidity / validity search may uncover the prior art or patents which should have been published or at least filed before the earliest priority date of the target patent. Usually, the claims of the target patent are thoroughly analyzed against identifying closest prior art which may be alone or in combination with another prior art may invalidate the target patent claims. This search covers patent and non-patent literature databases as well as image file wrappers and patent prosecution histories. Patent Scientists at DexPatent completely analyze each and every aspect of the target patents and then these searches will be performed.  Get in touch  Download a case study

Clearance / Infringement Searches

Before launching any product in a particular jurisdiction, it is high-priority to perform a clearance or a patent infringement search to know whether the target product is at risk of infringing a patent. The scope of this infringement search is determined by the elements & features of the target product and further exhaustive search & analysis against the claims of any in force patents may reveal potential infringement of the target product, If exists. This clearance / patent infringement search will clearly indicate the infringement, if exists and also helps in making further decisions like licensing the patents which are infringed by the target product.  Get in touch  Download a case study

Freedom to Operate (FTO) Searches

Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) searches are used to investigate the risks of potential patent infringement before launching a new product. FTO Searches are also Jurisdiction based.
Freedom to Operate Search is an extension of Patent infringement Search where we focus only in-force patents. But in FTO search, the expired patents and publicly available documents also considered in addition to in-force patents, to prove the non-infringement of the target product against any in-force patents. The search covers patent and any publicly available documents searched globally.  Get in touch  Download a case study

State of the art searches

For a successful business entry to a particular technology field starts with brief understanding of that particular technology. . This search is the widest and most generic of all the patent searches. In simpler words, it is a market survey that is broad and gives a panoramic look at everything that has been done in a given field. For a client who is speculating entry into a particular field the results of a state of the art search may help in proving or disproving the advisability of decision.  Get in touch  Download a case study

Design Patent Searches

Design search focuses on the ornamental aspect of invention. The search is conducted on various design patent databases including USPTO, Canada, China design databases, magazines, journals, product manuals and Google images.  Get in touch

Accelerated Examination Searches for USPTO

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) introduced this Accelerated Examination Process to accelerate the examination process of a target patent application much faster than the usual timeline. This process requires a particular format of a document called Accelerated Examination Support document. This Accelerated Examination Support document contains findings of an exhaustive prior art search which is identified by searching every elements of that target patent application. USPTO guidelines and Filing requirements need to be followed to prepare Accelerated Examination Support document.  Get in touch

Non Patent Literature search

Non-patent literature are equally valuable with patent literature. The non-patent search focuses literature search from various sources. Non-patent literatures are precise, clearly written but hard to search. DexPatent provides only non-patent literature for this search. The Non Patent Search covers global Journal databases, digital documents, datasheets, news, technical papers, thesis, product documents etc.  Get in touch

Markush Structure Evaluation

It is possible to represent many different chemical compounds as a single generic chemical structure - Markush Chemical Structure, as it contains many interchangeable substituent parts. A Markush Chemical structure can be claimed in a Patent which may be collectively called as Markush Patent Claims. Querying the chemical information disclosed in Markush structure claims in patents is very difficult thing. Even after querying the Markush Structure claims in patents, evaluating the results of that query is another tedious task. Here, DexPatent helps you in evaluating all the results of that query which accompanies evaluation of Markush structure claims of all the patents and finding the relevant patents which matches the invention in focus.  Get in touch

Bio sequence searches

Bio-sequence search involves finding a specific arrangement of sequences in the patent or non-patent document. Bio-Sequence search helps the inventors to ascertain whether the sequence is novel. DexPatent's biotech patent scientists understand the inventor needs, while carefully performing Bio-sequence searches in every aspect since the novelty of the sequence lies in the unique combination of nucleotides or amino acids.  Get in touch

Trademark Search Services

DexPatent conducts extensive searches on various databases to search for any existing trademark or design that may prohibit grant of a new trademark. Such searches help to assure novelty and distinctiveness of the proposed mark and avoid losses that may incur due to prosecution of an already existing trademark.
Please contact us for details on deliverables, turnaround times and cost for each type of search. We will be glad to provide additional details that you may need.  Get in touch

Case study - Save cost by letting only quality inventions go for patenting – Novelty Searches

Client’s Business Need

To keep innovation and patenting in pace, This Dutch based technology major approached DexPatent to do Novelty Searches. Their requirement on monthly basis is around 80-100 Prior art Searches.

Delivery & Service

Team at DexPatent has been providing novelty searches on weekly basis and deliver the results within a week. DexPatent ensures service excellence in delivery. DexPatent has been shortlisted to provide the services from among 10 top service providers from around the world.


A Fortune 500 Dutch Technology Major – Listed inForbes Global 2000


Hitech, electronics and medical devices

Use Case

Patentability / Novelty Searches


Patent Scientists of DexPatent understand the fact that "a critical missed prior art can be used to invalidate a granted patent later". So DexPatent, with robust search methodologies and quality assurance processes uncovers all relevant prior art for each invention, and deliver the search report on time. This report helps the IP counsels to make decision on Patenting of the invention. The agility of project delivery, communication and quality of service has been appreciated by the IP counsels and the inventors.