Patent Filing in INDIA

Filing a patent application in the patent office is the primary step towards securing a patent to your own invention / idea. At DexPatent, we assist you in filing patent applications in India. We carry out patent preparation, filing and prosecution with our patent agents and patent attorneys having technology expertise in specific areas.

Filing Patent in India has never been so easy with step-by-step assistance from DexPatent.


How to filing ordinary,PCT,national phase PCT entry,conventional,divisional applications in india with DexPatent


One stop solution for all your patent filing needs, including

  • Patentability Search
  • Complete Specification Drafting
  • Patent Drawings
  • Patent Filing (India/PCT)
  • Prosecution / Office Action Responses
  • Post Grant Assistance


  • Experienced Patent Agents with specific Technology Expertise
  • Quick turn-around by e-filing
  • High Responsivenes
  • One Stop Patent Solution
  • Value for money
  • Fully Complaint with patent law

Patent Filing and Granting procedure in INDIA

Patent Filing And Granting Procedure In India


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Case study - Patent Application Filing in INDIA

Project Need

This technology start-up approached DexPatent to file a patent application for an invention in the logistics domain.

Solution & Deliverables

Since the client had nothing other than his invention, DexPatent assisted with Patentability search. Once invention was found patentable, complete specification was drafted by expert patent agents of DexPatent followed by online filing in India. The client was a SME hence filing was done with discount provide by IPO.

The early publication was filed and the patent application was published within 2 months. A PCT phase was also filed successively.


A Technology Start-Up, INDIA



Use Case

Patent Filing / Patent Filing in India / PCT Including search, drafting and drawing


DexPatent with unique combination of technology expertize and patent filing experience was a one-stop solution for all patent prosecution needs from search, drafting, drawing to filing and prosecution.