Patent Portfolio Due Diligence

Patent portfolio

Patent due diligence review is conducted to assess and reduce the risks associated with a business transaction of patents or portfolio of patents among organizations. Before acquiring a patent portfolio, this patent due diligence review is done by the potential purchasers. Due diligence review includes analyzing each and every patent of a portfolio and their patent prosecution history, to understand the validity problems, enforceability problems, claim scope and infringement possibilities.

There are three primary areas of focus for the IP due diligence review:

  • Ownership, status and control of the IP assets,
  • The strength and economic value of the IP assets, Geographical coverage of a portfolio and
  • The potential liability for infringement.

Your due diligence plan should consider each of these areas in relation to your prioritized list of target IP assets. DexPatent provides custom patent due diligence report on an organization's IP portfolio.


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Case study - IP Due Diligence

Project Need

Our Client, a Fortune 500 company wanted to acquire a target smaller company which has been operating in the technology domain of semiconductors. The target company has a patent portfolio which has around 35 patent families. To identify the target company’s IP strength, our client wanted us to perform a IP Due Diligence study on target company’s patent portfolio.

Solution & Deliverables

DexPatent team evaluated the target company’s portfolio by combining variety of analyses including Technical analysis, ownership, legal status / validity assessment, FTO and infringer identification analysis. DexPatent delivered the IP Due Diligence report within 15 business days by saving client’s time in making a crucial acquisition decision.


A reputed technology Company, The Netherlands, Europe



Use Case

IP Due Diligence


The client was benefitted with IP due diligence analysis, as it has revealed the target company’s patent portfolio included 6 core technology patents, two potential infringer’s on core patents and moreover the portfolio has been spread over the geographical area as it required by our client. The delivered report and the analysis played a key role in the price determination for the acquisition of target smaller company.