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Monetizing Patents of Technology Transfer Departments

Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of a top university in MA, USA


Various Technologies

Use Case

Patent Monetization / Patent Licensing Support

Project Need

Technology Transfer Office [TTO] which is responsible for protecting and commercializing IP developed at the university. To bridge the gap between invention and commercialization this top US university TTO takes expert support of DexPatent to get maximum commercial benefits from its patent portfolio.
Solution & Deliverables

DexPatent Team, with a decade of experience in patent analytics and deep technology expertise, analyzed the complete portfolio and found out the possible monetization opportunities. The active patents are analyzed in silo and/or they are grouped together to form a technology solution that can be monetized. The study provided actionable intelligence on ready to make businessdecisions.


The technology transfer office of this Massachusetts university was thrilled to receive meticulous analytics information about the potential companies who can be interested in the patents that they are considering monetizing. DexPatent’s analytics report empowered the TTO with information for discussion and negotiation with the interesting companies. This was all done in just a month’s time, saving the client a considerableeffort, resourceand time.

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