Technology Categorization and Taxonomy

“Technology Categorization and Taxonomy”

A fortune 500 Agribusiness company, Basel, Switzerland


Agrochemical, Seeds and Biotechnology

Use Case

Technology Categorization and Taxonomy

Project Need

This Agrochemicals major of Switzerland approached DexPatent to do weekly categorization of Patent and Non Patent Literature documents according to the technology taxonomy provided by them.

DexPatent team works for 2 business days every week to categorize 1000 to 2000 patent and NPL documents according to the given taxonomy DexPatent has been providing this weekly categorization services since 2008.


Since categorization of Patent and NPL Data provides deep business insights and real time watch on the technology area of interest, This high quality categorization report is very helpful for our client, to focus on novel technology areas and to know about competition for patenting in their technology area of interest. Our client is very happy with our deliveries, speed and quality.

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