State of the art searches

“State-of-the-Art Searches”

IP Law Firm, MA, United States


Metallurgy, Refractory metals, 3D Printing

Use Case

State-of-the-art / Collection / Survey Searches

Project Need

One of the customers of this IP Law Firm wanted to know about refractory metals, their methods of manufacturing and uses of the refractory metals with a special focus on 3D Printing. Hence This US based major IP Law Firm approached DexPatent to conduct a State-of-the-art search on “Refractory metals”.
Solution & Deliverables

DexPatent team deeply understood the client’s need, accordingly collected the prior art on refractory metals and carefully classified the relevant documents based on their
sub technologies. The team finally delivered the report on time with 210 relevant documents of patents and NPLs.


The client was very happy with State-of-the-art findings on refractory metals, as they were able to see the recent trends of patenting and sub-technologies wise classification of prior art in the report. This custom reporting format helped our client to provide valuable insights on the technology of interest to their customers.

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