Patentability / Novelty Searches

Save cost by letting only quality inventions go for patenting
– Novelty Searches

A Fortune 500 Dutch Technology Major – Listed inForbes Global 2000


Hitech, electronics and medical devices

Use Case

Patentability / Novelty Searches

Client’s Business Need

To keep innovation and patenting in pace, This Dutch based technology major approached DexPatent to do Novelty Searches. Their requirement on monthly basis is around 80-100 Prior art Searches.

Delivery & Service

Team at DexPatent has been providing novelty searches on weekly basis and deliver the results within a week. DexPatent ensures service excellence in delivery. DexPatent has been shortlisted to provide the services from among 10 top service providers from around the world.


Patent Scientists of DexPatent understand the fact that “a critical missed prior art can be used to invalidate a granted patent later”. So DexPatent, with robust search methodologies and quality assurance processes uncovers all relevant prior art for each invention, and deliver the search report on time. This report helps the IP counsels to make decision on Patenting of the invention. The agility of project delivery, communication and quality of service has been appreciated by the IP counsels and the inventors.

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