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Gravity Power Modules – Turbines

Use Case

Patent Search and Patent Application Drafting – Utility, Design, Plant; since 2008

Project Need

As the lawyers of this Leading IP Law firm are busy meeting needs of their clients, they rely on DexPatent to support them with their patent prosecution work especially with patentability search and drafting of patent specification, claims and drawings for all of their utility, designand plant patent needs.
Solution & Deliverables

Patent Scientists at DexPatent conducts exhaustive search, figure out if an invention is patentable and deliver the patentability report with 5-10 references closest to the invention. Once the invention is found to reasonably satisfy the patenting (UNO criteria), we draft the patent application which is reviewedby the patent lawyer before filing.


DexPatent with its deep technology expertise and experience of more than a decade is aware of the fact that a well-drafted patent application with well proved novelty holds the highest chances of being accepted and granted the rights of patent by the patent office. Hence the patentability search is performed and the complete patent specification is drafted with utmost care. This law firm has some of the US top patent prosecutors and attorneys who have been taking advantage of DexPatent’s high quality servicesince 2008.

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