Patent portfolio management

Patent Portfolio Management

US Based electronics device company – Listed in Forbes 2000


Electronics, hi-tech

Use Case

Patent Portfolio Analysis of 994 patents

Project Need

This US Based electronics device company wanted us to perform custom patent portfolio analysis on it’s own patent portfolio which contains around 994 patents. The main objective of the analysis was identifying and segmenting more valuable patents from its portfolio.
Solution & Deliverables

DexPatent team worked on this project for nearly 60 days and the team analyzed the portfolio , the 994 patents were classified into 267 patent clusters and the patent clusters had been segmented into 5 types [core, supporting, out-licensable, emerging technologies and scrap patents]. Finally DexPatent delivered the report with 47 Core, 103 supporting, 86 out-licensable, 5 emerging tech, 26 scrap patent families.


The client was pleased with the report, which highlighted the 47 most valuable core patents which support their organization’s FTO and paved the way to generate exclusive out-licensing revenue through 86 patents. The client was also happy about saving organization’s money through pruning out unwanted 26 scrap patents. The client appreciated us for the service quality we provided which exceededour client’s expectation.

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