Patent landscaping analysis

“Patent Landscaping Analysis”

A fortune 500 company with offices in Texas, US and Bangalore, India


Electronics and Medical Device

Use Case

Technology Landscaping and Patent Mapping

Client’s Need

To get a snap-shot of the global patenting situation of a specific medical technology, This Leading US based global giant approached DexPatent to do exhaustive Patent Landscaping study on a specific medical technology.
Delivery & Service

Team at DexPatent conducted exhaustive search, reviewed thousands of Patents, and delivered the report with around 3500 relevant Patents and their corresponding statistical analysis. The report included top companies’ patenting trends in different sub technology areas with competitive intelligence and insights that can be leveraged to take strategic decisions including opportunities of innovation or licensing partnerships and acquisitions.


With industry critical competitive business intelligence in easy to digest format, client appreciated DexPatent for a very insightful analytics that was provided in record time so that they could take key decisions quickly.

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