Patent Licensing dispute – Dolby sued Oppo and Vivo

Both Vivo and OPPO have reportedly agreed to negotiate Fair, Reasonable and Non-discriminatory terms with Dolby. The two companies have been directed by the Delhi High Court to deposit royalty on per unit manufactured, sold and imported.Click here to know more

IP Canada Report 2016

First Intellectual Property report has been published by Canadian Intellectual Property Office. It clearly states the achievement of Canadians in global marketplace.Click here to know more

NFC Patents License to Taiwanese Giant HTC

A French technology firm’s worldwide patent license under a NFC Patent Licensing Program for use in HTC’s products. It gives NFC-enabled device manufacturers access to the patents of INSIDE Secure.Click here to know more

Guinness Records in Patent next to Edison

Dr. Yamazaki set a GUINNESS RECORDS title for obtaining more patents than Edison, with 3,245 patents. Later, in 2011, he renewed his record with 6,314 patents.He has renewed his second record by a wide margin.Click here to know more

Dyson to sell its patented products in India

UK firm which makes vacuum cleaners and air purifiers plans to invest £154 MN in India. The company has already sought permission from the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion to import and sell products in the country.Click here to know more

Chinese to English Patent translation tool by WIPO

An intelligent automatic translation tool which helps people read patent applications from China. It’s an upgraded version of WIPO Translate. It adjusts the word order to make translation results more like English.Click here to know more

Sony sued for Patent Infringement

Sony got sued by Canadian Company. It would prevent it from selling LTE-standard smartphones in the world’s largest market. Wi-LAN had been seeking $248 million in damages over the alleged infringement.Click here to know more

Philips pays $300M to Masimo

Settlement Agreement also provides that the firms will work together to integrate Masimo’s technologies into additional Philips products and to jointly develop certain other products.Click here to know more