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Merck Punished Gilead on Patent Infringement

Gilead has been ordered to pay $2.54 billion for infringing two blockbuster hep C drugs as the infringement was found to be willful. The settlement was calculated as 10 percent of the drugs’ combined sales of $25.4 billion. Click here to know more

Strengthened IP Portfolio of TxCell

TxCell has been granted an exclusive worldwide license to two patent families. It’s unparalleled patent portfolio is composed of 16 patent families owned or co-owned by TxCell, including over 150 issued patents. Click here to know more

No Patent for researchers’ findings

McGill neurology has announced that they are going to end the practise of Patenting the University’s findings. Instead everything will be openly accessed which is usable by anyone. Click here to know more

WiLAN subsidiary acquires Patents

WiLAN’s subsidiary Auriga Innovations, acquired a portfolio of patents from GlobalFoundries. The portfolio covers semiconductor process technologies used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices. Click here to know more

President of the EPO’s Boards of Appeal

Mr Carl Josefsson has been appointed as the President of European Patent Office Board of Appeal. He currently serves as Senior Judge of Appeal at the Svea Court of Appeal in Stockholm. Click here to know more