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Web Based automation controllers

Use Case

Infringer & Licensees Identification / Patent Licensing support / Patentto-product mapping

Project Need

To identify potential infringers and licensees of a company’s patents i.e. the intentional or unintentional commercial use of the client’s patented invention AND to identify opportunities of licensing to a company who can possibly be interested in strengthening their IP portfolio.
Solution & Deliverables

DexPatent Team evaluated the given patents with well prepared strategy, which includes variety of analysis including validity, product mapping, technology and patent mapping and infringement analysis, to identify the potential infringers and licensees. Finally DexPatent delivered a comprehensive report with a list of potential infringers & licensees and proved its service excellence with timely delivery.


To get the maximum benefit of return on innovation investment it is necessary to identify all the possible revenue generating opportunities arising out of utilizing a patent. DexPatent provided with specific company and product names that could possibly be already using the invention OR may be interested in licensing the patents to strengthen their IP portfolio that can offer stronger defense. All this actionable intelligence which has been shared to the ultimate customer opened doors for negotiation and finally yieldedin patent monetization.

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