Invalidity / Validity searches

“Invalidity / Validity Searches”

IP Law Firm, IL, United States


Medical Electronics

Use Case

Invalidity / Validity

Project Need

The client wanted DexPatent to perform an invalidation search on independent claims of the given subject patent. In addition, the client wanted us to identify all possible §102 NPL references which might support their litigation.

Team at DexPatent analyzed the independent claims of the subject patent feature by feature and accordingly framed the search strategies which helped to identify 2 relevant §102 patent references. A detailed NPL Search also uncovered 2 relevant NPL references. DexPatent delivered the report within 6 business days with 4 relevant references.


The client was very satisfied with the quality of the search results and said that most of the references provided could be used for litigation and the NPL documents provided were also helpful to invalidate the inventive step of the subject patent. As a value add of our reporting format, we had provided the client a claim chart which would highlight the feature matching of the independent claims of the subject patent with the relevant documents. This was all done in a very short notice, and completed within 4 days.

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