Freedom to Operate (FTO) Searches

“Infringement / Freedom-to-operate Studies”

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Ultrasound – MRI Medical Technology

Use Case

Freedom-to-operate / Infringement analysis / Product Clearance analysis

Project Need

Our client wanted us to perform a Freedom-to-operate study for agiven subject matter in the specific relevant patenting jurisdictions. The subject matter relate to a product which had been ready for launch in those jurisdictions.
Solution & Deliverables

Patent Scientists at DexPatent conducted an exhaustive infringement analysis of the subject matter feature by feature against the independent claims of all the inforce patents. Besides the In-force patents, DexPatent also analyzed the expired patents and NPLs to identify the FTO possibilities of the given subject matter. The high quality report was delivered within 8 business days.


Since the report had been delivered to the client well before the committed date, the client was very happy and appreciated our team for the speedy delivery with the maximum quality. The analysis proved the given subject matter was not infringing any in-force patent and a supporting NPL was made available to prove the FTO possibilities of the product.

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