INPASS: ‘Advanced Full Text Patent Search tool’ from Indian Patent office

InPASS, “Indian Patent Advanced Search System”, a new facility launched on 27th February, 2015, allows a full-text search to be conducted in all the Indian Patents and Patent Applications. This facility was not available earlier in iPAIRS, the Indian Patent Information Retrieval System. Numerous functionalities have been improved in this advanced search system.
With this, the IPAIRS, the Indian Patent Information Retrieval System that was launched in 2010 has now officially been withdrawn.
The Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (CGPDTM), has been working towards improving the procedures in Indian patent office. For example, recently, in March 2015, e-filing of new applications were extended to design- registrations, as well. Launch of InPASS is one such initiative.

With the launch of InPASS, search in full-text, retrieval of both patents and applications from the same page, have been facilitated. Further, InPASS allows search to be conducted using wild-cards (? *) and Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT, +/-), which was not possible earlier using iPAIRS. The use of these functionalities can be understood in detail through ‘Help’ tab on

Further, search fields such as inventor country, filing office, PCT publication number and field of invention are facilities in InPASS that were not earlier available with iPAIRS.


The author Preethiya is a Patent Scientist at DexPatent.

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