Competitive intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Fortune 500 Company, United States



Use Case

IP Competitive Intelligence

Project Need

This US Based Fortune 500 electronics major wanted us to perform custom competitive intelligence on its target competitor’s patenting activities in the required relevant technology domains in all the relevant jurisdictions. The client provided us the list of about 10 target competitors.
Solution & Deliverables

Team at DexPatent worked on this project for nearly 25 business days to identify, analyze and get ready with the high quality report. Totally around 2700 patents were analyzed, and duplicates were removed. Based on full text and independent claims the relevant technology domains were decided and Finally 1264 patents were reported according to the relevant required technology and categorized according to 14 Technology and 83 sub technology domains.


The client was extremely pleased with our report and was able to understand the competitor’s phase in innovation around a particular technology domain. This custom competitive intelligence report helped our client to share valuable insights, statistics and trends to their valuable customers & partners to make business decisions including innovation investment, product launch etc. with ease, clarity and confidence.

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