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Join us in Celebrating “World IP Day – April 26th 2017”

Heightening awareness and kindling interest in IPR domain (Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks & Design) would encourage innovation and the spirit to find solutions to technical problems. World Intellectual Property Organization observes 26th April as World Intellectual Property day. This year’s WIP day theme is “Innovation—Improving Lives”.

Why DexPatent

10+ years of experience supporting multinational business organizations and large law firms Experience of working with business organizations in Europe, USA, Japan, India and other countries Click here to view or download

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Who we are? DexPatent is a premium Patent Research & Analytics service from Dextrasys technologies pvt ltd india. We are a team of qualified Patent Scientists with technology expertise & Patent research skills. Click here to view or download

DexPatent – Patent Licensing Support Services

Would you like to license your patent? By knowing the top potential licenses , ready to get a license for your patent. Top potential licenses? Identify the potential licenses who can use your patent to strengthen their business Click here to view or download  

DexPatent – Patent Illustration Services

We Have Expertise in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical & Biotech Drawings, Flowcharts And Graphical Interfaces Drawings Meet The Guidelines & Requirements Of Patent Offices (USPTO, EPO, WIPO, Germany & Others) Click here to view or download  

DexPatent – Trademark Services

Register your trademark and service mark be unique shield your brand safeguard your brand safeguard your logo secure your slogan Click here to view or download