Patent Illustrations

Patent Drawings, Illustrations, Drafting - the names may change but one thing will not. A patent application still needs high quality patent drawings to get it granted.

Our team of handpicked qualified illustrators have backgrounds in engineering, design and arts. We thoughtfully consider each project and prepare drawings that have an aesthetic look and meet patent office guidelines (USPTO, PCT and Other offices).

We quickly turnaround patent drawings, typically in 3-4 business days (3 sheets).


Patent portfolio
Patent portfolio
Patent portfolio


We provide patent drawing services in the following areas.

  • Mechanical Drawings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Chemical Drawings
  • Biotechnology Drawings
  • Charts & Flow Diagrams
  • Trademark Drawings

Sourcing patent illustrations from DexPatent has saved cost, time and provided opportunities to focus more on client-facing activities for our customers.

We prepare patent drawings from informal drawings, sketches, photographs, scanned materials or other relevant matter.

We have been supporting patent attorneys and organisations with high quality patent illustrations for both utility and design patents.

Illustrative samples of published drawings:


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